SBDC Update

So . . . do things look any different?

The Norcal SBDC marketing team, led by design guru Aaron Phelps, have created a new (and much needed) website for the entire network! Welcome to the Shasta-Cascade version!

Now, we recognize that, in the darkest corners of most people’s minds, few really care that we launched a new website. I mean, it’s kind of like a neighbor who just got a new trash can; sure it’s pretty and all, and maybe the owner is excited, but most people would just glance at it, maybe mutter something and forget about it.

But, what if the new website made the experience of dealing with the SBDC easier? What if it made signing up for services and workshops faster? And what if it contained lots of valuable information that could help improve your business, increase your revenue and your bottom line?

Well, that’s what Aaron’s team had in mind when they created the site. It is designed to help you in your interactions with us. And it contains material that is thousands of times more valuable than whatever is in that neighbor’s new trash can.

So, please, tell us what you think! If you have comments, let us know — we have thick skin; we can take it. And besides, if you don’t like the site, we’ll blame Aaron!

Just kidding. Seriously, he did a great job and we are all very proud of the site. But, if you see places where we can improve, we’d like to know about it. Email us at

BTW, we’ll be adding new features and pages in the coming weeks and months. If that doesn’t excite you . . . well, I’m not sure what to do. I’m all out of new, exciting website announcement ideas. 🙂