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“(Joe) helped us with our business plan and our budget for 2020 and 2021. He was amazingly knowledgeable and friendly to us as we were figuring out if it would make sense to open a medical practice. . . . I want to thank Joe Rodola again for helping us dream and start a medical practice in Redding, CA. He truly made the process make sense and we were able to move forward with confidence.”

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Dr. Karen Garnaas was considering starting a new practice on her own but was able to confidently realize her dream with the help of the SBDC.


In 2020 Dr. Karen Garnaas was considering starting a new practice on her own but, while she is an expert in neurology, she had no idea what to do first to get her center established. And she wanted to make sure it was done right.


Dr. Garnaas reached out to the SBDC for help with her startup questions. She met with SBDC counselor Joe Rodola, who helped walk Karen and her husband through the process.  He helped them with their business plan and budgets for 2020 and 2021. Through this process (of seeing if they had a viable business idea) they were able to confidently see how they could invest cash to secure space, hire employees and set up their offices.  


Despite the Pandemic they were able to successfully open their neurologic center in November 2020 and were able to hire a 6 staff – a great thing for our community during such a hard year. Dr. Garnaas now has her own practice to be able to assist those with existing neurologic, as well as undiagnosed neurologic conditions.

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